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How to host VICIdial on a dedicated server

VICIdial is the open-source contact center solution for various Inbound and Outbound call center activities. Many companies prefer to have the VICIdial setup on their in-house premises as they prefer to manage it in a secured way Today there are lot of options to host VICIdial on servers . The hosting can be done on dedicated servers or on a cloud server. But there are lot of steps involved to host VICIdial on a dedicated server. The companies will prefer to do the hosting manually or it can be done with the help of third-party systems. Vicihost is a website which does this hosting at certain cost. There are also options to host the VICIdial in a cloud server. VICIdial Cloud server provided by oxtrys provides various options to host the solution. They have options to host on either Windows dedicated server or a Linux dedicated server. If you plan to host VICIdial in a dedicated server there will be certain other parameters that will have to be decided or chosen to finalize the cost of