How to host VICIdial on a dedicated server

VICIdial is the open-source contact center solution for various Inbound and Outbound call center activities. Many companies prefer to have the VICIdial setup on their in-house premises as they prefer to manage it in a secured way

Today there are lot of options to host VICIdial on servers. The hosting can be done on dedicated servers or on a cloud server. But there are lot of steps involved to host VICIdial on a dedicated server. The companies will prefer to do the hosting manually or it can be done with the help of third-party systems. Vicihost is a website which does this hosting at certain cost.

There are also options to host the VICIdial in a cloud server. VICIdial Cloud server provided by oxtrys provides various options to host the solution. They have options to host on either Windows dedicated server or a Linux dedicated server.

If you plan to host VICIdial in a dedicated server there will be certain other parameters that will have to be decided or chosen to finalize the cost of the hosting. There are certain pre-requisites before you decide to host the solution on the server.

Hardware requirement goes with the pre-requisite of acquiring server with windows configuration, and a minimum of 1GB RAM, along with Network Interface cards and preferably a good hard disk storage space. General recommendation is to go with at least two Core2Duo (3.0 Ghz) or Core2Quad (2.4 Ghz) with 2G RAM and 120G hard drives and Network Interface Cards.

Hosting VICIdial is not going to be a single task or rather it cannot be termed as an easy task. It needs certain preplanning. VICIdial hosting requires Database setup and it is essential to decide on the Database which will mostly be the SQL Server. In the server where database is hosted, there need not be any installation of VICIdial setup. The database will have to be hosted preferably in individual server so that it will have a proper disaster recovery management system.

Next thing to setup is the Webserver which will be an Apache web server. This webserver will have to have the Vicibox installation. This webserver will have to be having higher configuration as it will have handle multiple requests which will generally be the service call that will be triggered at every call dialing connection. This web server can act as a separate web server to handle the service request or it can act as a Combo server which can handle even the dialer calls along with the service calls.

The Vici installation should be clearly done on the Apache server or in a separate server which will have to be configured with both auto dial and the manual dial mode.

Along with Database server, Apache Web server, Dial Server there will have to be a setup for the Archive server. The Archive server will be of a FTP server which can be a window server or a Linux based server. The Archive server should be able to adhere to the FTP protocols.

There are lot of third-party services today that can handle this dedicated hosting. VICIdial dedicated hosting is one such organization that allows to own separate physical servers but in their own facility or the premises. The hosting environment would need proper high speed internet connections and will require high power backup. The third-party centres will have all these setup readily available and it is only required that you will have to pay for the dedicated physical servers and complete the work on hosting VICIdial.

VICIdial setup will require the engineers to perform the installation. If the person who is going to perform the installation and setup is familiar with Linux then the installation can be done by following the steps and finally the set up can be defined in the respective servers

Sometimes the hosting of VICIdial will be chosen to be managed with a single server setup. Single server setup would be like it will be having Database, Web server and the dialer server installed in a single environment. Since it is going to be a work on call connection the setup and the servers will have to be with a higher configuration as it is essential to maintain the performance of VICIdial. 

Beyond these installations the dedicated hosting will provide good secure environment setup. However, the servers will have to have the security aspects clearly deployed and kept ready so that it does not add additional overhead during the VICIdial setup for the organization.


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