Software for inbound outbound call center

Having a conversation over the call with a customer is more challenging as compared to other means of communication. The major cause of the difficulty is that the call representatives do not get any pause or some time to frame their answers appropriately. Nonetheless, putting the customers on hold too often can be a risk. Moreover, the representatives might lose the context of the previous conversations and you cannot look at the call summaries or history while they are on a call with them.


Though the former stuff sounds challenging, you do not need to worry. We have got a promising solution for you! The ultimate software to manage every aspect of your inbound and outbound calls and messages.

The inbound callers usually seek customer services such as assistance in placing the order, product assistance, and tech support. We assist the inbound call agents to efficiently and quickly offer solutions to the requests and problems of customers. On the other hand, the agents in outbound calli  providing access to the history of the customer to enhance the overall customer experience. Try this call center management software which is hosted on cloud and work efficiently with your customers and provide them with seamless experience.

Establish your bond with inbound and outbound calls

Customers hate it when they have to repeat information every time they communicate with the agent. Also, the process gets tedious when the agent spends a lot of time trying to understand the problem of the customer from scratch. This usually occurs because the data of the customer is scattered across different channels. The agents do not possess the previous tweets or emails from the customer, which makes the entire communication process weary. 

What if we can eliminate the entire hack? 

Our software stores the previous conversation with the customers and provides quick access to it whenever required.  Also, the agents can get the list of all the tickets, they have raised from different platforms such as web forms, email, live chat, social media, or previous phone calls- everything in a single tab. With all the required information, communication become convenient and time-efficient. Also, it helps the customers in building meaningful relationships with the customers. 

Boost Business Productivity

The traditional phone systems are not able to promote seamless communication. The software that helps you to respond in real-time through your website, live chat, and social media channels is the ultimate requirement. Also, the software that can address the concerns of the customers without a heck establishes strong customer relations. 

Get the convenient, all-in-one software for the inbound and outbound call center at your dispense and boost your productivity. Build agent and customer experiences that seamlessly blend automated and human resources. Gain access to the information about the customer in no time and have the relevant context to engage with them to provide them the right helping hand. customers expect seamless cross-channel support — and yesterday’s 

 Get the right service with the right agent

Get relevancy, and consistency for your inbound and outbound calls with call routing. When you get the facility to decide who takes the incoming call, a lot of difference is made. Allocating the relevant call to the appropriate agents will resolve the customer’s issues sooner and more efficiently. Also, it increases customer satisfaction. As their concerns are resolved quickly, the agents can look after an increased number of customers on the given day and keep the customers delighted. Moreover, the quality of conversation increases when a person with improved knowledge about the specific concern handles it. 

You can assign and route calls to the inbound agents based on account, team, or department. The software automatically routes calls to the agents the customers are already familiar with, which in turn increases the efficiency of the call. Also, it maintains consistent service and builds meaningful customer relationships. Furthermore, the agents can record and queue calls, convert them to tickets, and associate with the existing tickets. 

Finest service for business phone system

We make your every day easier with the effortless call center software. You can manage your call center remotely with exciting features and tools. track and manage customer calls conveniently with the automated call management system. Our software enables you to handle all outbound and inbound calls for your business. Managing calls becomes efficient with an auto dialer, call routing, click-to-call, auto-attendant, IVR, and more. With XYZ, you can increase the productivity of your agents and assist them to deliver a superior customer experience. Also, the management benefits from tracking the performance of the business through automatic reports. 


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